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Cultural Dos and Taboos of Liverpool fans and Bayern Munich Fans

Julkaistu 208 päivää sitten
Bill Shankly

The Champions League is back! The 16 teams that made it through the group stages would be competing against themselves for an opportunity to progress to the next round; the Quarter Finals.

The Match-Up Between Two Great Teams

Bayern Munich travels to Anfield, to face Liverpool in the first leg of the Champions League. This is one of the three German vs. English fixtures in the round of 16, as the three German teams are to face English teams; the other fixtures include Tottenham vs Dortmund and Schalke 04 vs. Manchester City.

Liverpool and Bayern Munich are both five-time European champions, and their match at Anfield on Feb .19, 2019  is definitely going to be one to look out for.

Having great players and a tactically sound coaching crew is not the only factor in winning matches; sometimes the fans play a major role in these wins too. Both of these teams have fans that have proven to be the twelfth man when it mattered the most. Liverpool as well as Bayern fans are known for their tenacity and ferociousness, which might be needed by their teams.

Both teams are situated in cities with very strong cultural backgrounds, and certain things are frowned at just like certain things are encouraged.


Liverpool Fans  

The Merseyside club have been able to count on their fans when it mattered the most. Since the club was created in 1892, the Liverpool fans have been through thick and thin with their favourite club side, enjoying wins and going through loses with their team.

Cultural Do’s of Liverpool

  • Don't miss "The Beatles"

If Liverpool is well known for something it's "The Beatles"

Nicknamed, "The lads", The Beatles put Liverpool on the map. Consisting of Sir Paul McCartney, the late John Lennon, Ringo Starr and the late George Harrison, the Beatles are Liverpool's pride and will continue to be.

  • Check Out The Liver Birds

These 2 mythical creatures found at the very top of the Royal Liver Building have been said to watch over the city of Liverpool.

One of the birds is said to look over the city and the residents there in, and the other said to look over the river Mersey and beyond.

Whenever you’re in the city, do make sure you drive by Dock road to check out these creatures.

Cultural Taboos of Liverpool

  • Liverpool Doesn't Stereotype

Liverpool is a very diverse community. People are respected regardless of their sexual orientation or race and cultural background. This diversity makes them happy and welcoming.

  • Liverpool Fans Aren’t The Same With Everton Fans

Whatever happens in Merseyside, Liverpool FC fans as well as Everton fans do not appreciate being mixed up.

Both teams share a very fierce rivalry, that has spanned hundreds of years and have very distinct colors. Liverpool F.C. wears red and are called "The reds" and Everton have a dominant blue color and are tagged "the blues".

Bayern Munich fans

Recognized in Germany as one of the most passionate fans, the Bayern Munich fans have been behind their team, the Bavarians.

Very dominant in the German league, they have enjoyed numerous wins with their favorite team.

The Bayern team itself is the most decorated German team in Germany and Europe. Plus, Bayern Munich is an ancient city that has a lot of cultural sites to behold, as well as architectural masterpieces.

Cultural Do’s Of Bayern Munich Fans

  • The Bavarian Folk Dance

Whether you are a local, visitor, or just a fan of Bayern Munich in a beer tent or an inn, the Bavarian folk dance has no boundaries. It’s all about having fun and joining in.

As a Bavarian fan, you can express your emotions through folk dances and a special attitude to life.

  • Bavarian Beer Gardens

If you’re a Bavarian fan, one of the Bayern Munich cultures you should know is the beer garden decree that was passed on January 4, 1812. This laid down a great foundation for a beautiful Bavarian tradition.

The decree meant that guests are allowed to bring their own food with them and enjoy it in a garden free of charge. Awesome, isn’t it? Sometimes you would see the surprise in the faces of visitors when they see local people entering the beer garden and bring out their sausages, brought-in pretzels, and other eatables on the table.

That’s the culture of a genuine Bavarian beer garden.

  • Viehscheid & Almabtrieb

Another cultural dos you should know as a Bayern Munich fan is something that happens in September of every year. During this period, the bulls and cows are moved to their winter quarters and the valley from the lush mountain pastures.

This event is a long tradition that is enjoyed by visitors, locals, and Bavarian fans from all over the world.

  • The Barrel-Makers Dance

The barrel-makers dance, or Schafflertanz if you would prefer, goes as far back as 1517 when Bayern Munich was suffering from the plague. This festival comes up every first few months in the year and as a Bayern Munich fan, it’s something you don’t want to miss.

Cultural Taboos of Bayern Munich Fans

  • Don’t Miss The Bavarian Maypole Day

As a true fan of Bayern Munich, you shouldn’t miss the Maypole Day that comes up every 1st of May.

On this day, local folklore group adorned in their finest costumes call for all the villagers to come together and celebrate this unique and essential annual occasion. Also, every maypole is decorated uniquely with signs, wreaths, or ribbons that denote the guilds of local craftsmen.

To Wrap It Up

The Champions League is something every football fanatic looks forward to. Whether it’s from the comfort of your bed, parlour couch, or even a bar, you don’t want to miss out on the fixtures lined up, one of which is the head-to-head between Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

That aside, if you are a fan of either of these two clubs, you need to know about the dos and don’ts of their culture. If you’ve come this far in this article, then you have an idea what these are. Now, you can go ahead and enjoy the match between two of the most storied and cultured teams in football, let alone the Champions League.



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