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Taca de Portugal yhdellä silmäyksellä

Taca de Portugal yhdellä silmäyksellä

  • established: 1922 (1938 in this current format)
  • number of teams: 155
  • most titles: Benfica (26)
  • most appearances: -
  • current holder: Sporting CP (2019 champion, after a 2–2 tie with Porto, they won the final 5–4 after a penalty shootout)
  • all time scorer: -

Siistejä Taca de Portugal triviafaktoja:

  • 1: The trophy, totaling 20 kg of weight, consists of a silver bowl carved in ornate Manueline style, set on a wooden base where the names of the winners are inscribed. The winner of each edition is given a replica, smaller than the original.
  • 2: In the season 1952-53 Benfica became the only team to win four Portuguese Cups consecutively.
  • 3: In the 1951-52 season Benfica beat Sporting by 5-4 in the most disputed and highest-scoring final in history (9 in total).

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